Kitchen Remodeling

A-Master Builders is highly experienced and specializes in kitchen renovations.

We meet with our clients to review their new kitchen design options and layouts, go over which cabinet manufacturer, counter tops, flooring, backsplash and final paint colors to meet each owners individual needs and their budgets for the renovation. We have a designer onboard for 3-D cad drawings when needed. Some clients have already designed their kitchen renovation and have their cabinets, flooring, counter tops and backsplash picked out and just have us install them.

We have access and prior experience with well over 20 manufactures but we really have two lines that A-Master Builders has acquired direct buying power from, thus cutting out the middleman making the cost of the renovation much more affordable.

One is a total custom line of cabinets that is extremely affordable and seems to run about 20% less than the box chain stores. With this line you get to pick from multiple species of wood, plywood or partical board box frames, choose from over 600 colors and glazes, and these cabinets can be custom made to the inch instead of most cabinets being only made every 3 inches. The door profiles with these cabinets are endless, most brands have a couple of door styles, our manufacture lets you design every routing profile to give you your own custom door style. The best part of this manufacture is that between their huge line of cabinets and accessories, and our access to a custom millwork shop with the exact finish or glaze from the manufacture, we can produce any custom pieces we need to create a one of a kind kitchen.

The other cabinet line is a very inexpenise line that is high quality all plywood cabinets, with included slow close doors and draws, but is limited to 9 colors and styles. This is great for budget friendly applications for a simple remodel, or flipping a house.

We also have multiple places for you to review granite or solid surface tops so you can go pick the exact slab you want and get it at our contractor pricing. We have such good relationships with these stores that we can template and install the countertops within a week unlike the box chain with has a 3-4 week lead time.

We not only belong to multiple flooring suppliers, but we are an installer for them as well.  Being an installer for them they know what we are capable of, so when we send you in to see a tile/flooring designer they can design unlimited patterns to achieve the desired look you want.

With all this being said not only are we the best contractor in the field for the design and pursuing the materials, but when it comes to the installation we have the best personal in place.  A-Master Builders is experienced in building custom cabinets so installing them is no problem. We have plumbers, painters, and electricians on board to help achieve your personal touches. And we install all the tile, heated floors, and hardwood ourselves, which means the quality will be top notch.

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