Finished Basements

A-Master Builders has a reputation for exquisite custom basements.

With 30 years of experience, and over a 100 basements finished, we have seen and built it all. Now a day’s basements aren’t what they used to be. With A-Master Builders this level of your home can be transformed into a magnificent living area showcasing a state-of-the-art home entertainment center, a game room, a gorgeous wet bar, climate controlled wine cellar, a fitness center, luxurious bathroom, or a private guest suite.

Finishing your basement can give you the additional living space that you and your family are looking for in your home. A finished basement adds a beautiful new living area to your home and is the most cost-effective addition you will ever get.

Basements are usually dark and design challenged spaces for the typical homeowner. A basement that is finished without design and construction knowledge becomes little more than a finished storage place. No one enjoys going downstairs into a dark, moldy, cut-up basement space. So let A-Master Builders design and construct a basement that feels like another level of the home, rather than “just a basement”. We will add value both in terms of quality of life, and as a return on investment at time of resale.

A-Master Builders will come out to listen to your needs, review your layout options, and go over all the possible products on the market today. We have designers on board that can produce final rendering drawings if needed and assist with the township permits, so we can help apply for permits for you.

We know the two big issues with a basement remodel is mold and dust. Through our research and schooling we have learned what mold needs to survive, so we can go over available products to keep your basement mold free.

At the start of the project, A-Master Builders will provide sticky mats at the stairs to keep your flooring clean and zip walls if needed. We know your concerned with dust control so during construction we run window fans or a hospital grade air scrubber with hepa filters. This will be a huge help to keep the dust out of your ductwork and spreading through the house. At the end of the project we will replace your air filters in your heater to make sure it runs properly.

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